Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tagged at home

Well, well... I was welcomed home from the Mayan Riviera (pictures coming soon) by a little tag from Miss Saucy of Bloggedy Blog Blog (who just celebrated 500 posts! Congratulations!).

So... having been tagged, here are a few random things about moi:

Un: I eat. A lot. I eat more than Mr. Blog.

Deux: I collect pigs (banks, stuffed, toys, books, anything...) because they're my Chinese zodiac sign. They've taken over the apartment (sorry, Mr. Blog).

Trois: When I was three I could speak three languages: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and a third Chinese dialect. I've forgotten two of them and learned only English in the mean time; I'm pretty sure this means I digress with age.

Quatre: I won a medal for being good at math. I use to wear it around the house. I'm cool like that.

Cinq: I love instant ramen noodles and I am very, very particular about how it's prepared (boil two cups of water with the broth mix; boil noodles in that mixture for 2 minutres 45 seconds with the lid off so some of the water evaporates; drain noodles by tilting pot over sink so that most of the broth is gone but there's still a little in the bottom; put half the noodles in a bowl; cover with slice of processed swiss or pepper jack cheese; pour rest of noodles and hint of broth on top; stir and enjoy).

Six: I can watch episodes of Friends and Daria over and over again... for pretty much eternity... and not get sick of them. I love those shows.

Sept: When I'm concentrating really hard on a task, I stick my tongue out... just a little, to one side... It amuses Mr. Blog.

Et voila!

The ever talented Miss Saucy also nominated me for this little gem, which I happily accept.

And in the spirit of the Superior Scribbler, I'm passing this award on to 5 very talented and inspirational bloggers I admire (also, you 5 have been tagged for the random fun above!):
[applicable rules: (1) Link back to me for nominating you. (2) Nominate five other bloggers and link to them on your blog. (3) Post these rules.]


lauren said...

AWWWWWWW!!! ta v much!!! and right backatcha!!!

i am constantly amazed by the things you claim to eat. AND YOU ARE TEEEEEEEEEEEENY!!! (dammit!) i am pretty sure *I* am getting your extra poundage. (...not that i'm bitter...)

if i had ever won a math medal I WOULD STILL WEAR IT, aged 44, to work. i am not kidding. (ok, i am exaggerating slightly...but not that much.)

i totally stick my tongue out, also, as a stabilizer for really delicate stuff like outlining or writing really neatly on the board at work. i know this b/c it amuses jeff AND the other day it totally amused a random customer at work whilst i was writing on said board. (it's times like that a girl NEEDS a math medal to distract attention from the tongue thing...just a tip...) :)

♥thanks miss yin!!!!!♥

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your sweet comments today! hope you had a BLAST in mexico!

I've never heard of cheese on ramen but it suddenly sounds really delicious. I'll have to give your method a try!

Rachael Herron said...

You are sweet! I will try to get to these meme soon! (but forgive me.....I sometimes forget everything.....)