Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mexico: the highlights

[Secrets Maroma Resort]
The resort is beautiful! When you arrive, you're greeted with a wet towel, glass of Champagne and a warm "Welcome Home!" (I wish my home looked like this!) (Also, there's no way our pictures will be as good as the professional ones, so you can check out their website here.)

[The staff]
The staff work so hard to ensure that every single guest has an amazing time. Not only was the service always with a smile but they really took time to learn our names and make us feel at home. Thank you Oscar, Lucia, Johnny and everyone else at Maroma!

[Swim up pool]
The back door to our room opened to our own swim up pool. We never actually used this because we were too busy running around to different restaurants the whole time, but it was really beautiful and kind of cool to have.

[Dinner x 2 x 4 nights]
Because food is included with the room (yay for all-inclusive destinations), the resort really could have just served us canned ravioli on a paper plate - but they didn't. There are seven restaurants at the resort along with daily BBQs at the beach, a poolside grill and 24 hour room service. A lot of time and effort was put in the decor and ambiance of each restaurant and into the preparation and presentation of the meals. Since we were only there for 4 days, I forced Mr. Blog to eat two dinners every night so we could sample all the food! Mm mm.

[Breakfast buffet]
Note the staffed omelet, waffle and crepe bars. Also pictured: juice (with 10 different freshly squeezed beverages) and Serrano jamon and smoked salmon bars. Not pictured: mimosa and bloody Mary bars. It was ridiculously good.

Every afternoon there was formal tea service in the Rendez-Vous bar (which was a perfect snack between lunch and dinner #1). They also served this amazing Mexican coffee cocktail flambe (yes that was a very long name I just made up) which is made by pouring various liquors between two ladles over an open flame so that your drink is burning as it's served to you. It takes about 10 minutes to make each one and just watching the ladies work made me sweat. Those coffee ladies work hard!

[Mr. Blog playing on three winning volleyball teams]
The resort schedules games and activities all day long, so Mr. Blog was able to work off those extra dinners I made him eat. I cheered him on from the sidelines where I sipped my pina colada.

[Cocktails x ∞]
Like the food, unlimited cocktails were included in the package. Fun-ness ensued.

[Mr. Blog dancing]
That's my baby!

and the best part of our trip
[a little us time]
Thank you Mr. Blog, for celebrating my bar passage with me; thank you for knowing back in June that I would pass and booking this trip; thank you for believing in me, supporting me and loving me, always.


Kristi said...

"Us" time is so glad that you two were able to get-away and looks like you had a fabulous time. I'm SO envious!

Happy Friday!

:) Kristi

Mr. Blog said...


lauren said...

hoooooooo doagie! that mr. blog is indeed quite the man! i'm thinkin' "KEEPER" here...but that might just be my middle-aged happily-married vibe kickin' in.

(certainly one would be foolish to let a guy with THOSE DANCE MOVES get away! such a pity they cancelled "dance fever"...i think i hear denny terrio calling...) :) :) :)

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