Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 catch up

I'm only 8 days into '08 and I already feel behind. but now that I'm firmly past finals and not yet in class I have some time to catch up. So in that interest, I will be condensing two months worth of blogging content into one photo-fantastic entry. Enjoy.It's the back to school party bus run by Ms. Elbinger, Ms. Yin and Gym Coach Mathai.

Happy Birthday Mr. Blog!

Thanksgiving and my smorgasbord of appetizers. Mr. Blog and I did themed trays: Americas (mini-burgers and tamales, pigs in a blanket, chips with chipotle chicken salad, crudite and queso!!!) and Europe (tea sandwiches, antipasto)

Next holiday! For Christmas, Mr. Blog got me this Koala Cabinet (watch the videos)!!! It is AMAZING and is custom fit to my machine, which he got me for my birthday! Here's our first tree!and our second holiday party
and lastly, NYE in NYC! I was so lucky to be able to celebrate with some of my favorite people from all periods of my life: high school, college, & grad school! Yay me!

Happy New Year, Mr. Blog!
Here's to a happy & healthy 2008!
Oh, I almost forgot... this being a craftblog after all, I made my New Years dress. No pattern, just inspiration... it's backless! Woot.