Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We're off to Mexico

Be back in December!

Have a happy and delicious Thanksgiving everyone!

(and if you're not roasting your own turkey, here's a fun alternative - found via SwissMiss)


Saucy said...

Have a wonderful trip! I'm jealous. You probably won't have turkey but enjoy yourself some nice Mexican Thanksgiving guacamole.

Kristi said...

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend! I'm so envious, as Mexico was a long-time vacation spot of mine for years...sadly I haven't been there since 2004.

lauren said...

awwwwww MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! i've missed A TON on yer blog!!! on the plus side...i missed *MISSING* ya whilst you're gone...which i totally would've...and i'm glad you're back! :)