Saturday, November 1, 2008

A West Hollywood Halloween

If you're not familiar with the Parade in West Hollywood for Halloween, every year the city of West Hollywood closes down Santa Monica Boulevard on the 31st to let people walks up and down the street to admire each other's costumes. Imagine a normal parade... with thousands of people... in really fabulous costumes... at night... all drunk... It is not a G-rated event - I've gone for the last few years and I always see at least 7 uncovered male organs and 3 people passed out in gutters.

Mr. Blog dressed up as a Scotsman this year. To fit in with the West Hollywood crowd, I crafted a fantastic male member (made of nude boxers, quilt batting and yarn) for him to wear under his kilt. I'm actually quite proud of this project because it's probably the best thing I've ever made; actual (very drunk) gay men thought it was the real deal! I'm not including any pictures because they are all hilariously inappropriate and I don't want to offend anyone (even if no skin is actually showing).

My friends before going out. Our amazing host threw this party despite suffering trauma from being robbed at gunpoint the night before. Big hugs for bravery!
Four of us went out together and true to my past WeHo experience, we all lost each other. Oh well; here are some strangers we meet on the street (they were all very friendly)!

Mr. Blog and a twin he found.
My whole costume (minus the hat); I'm at a Korean restaurant because I was hungry from all the walking. We showed up at 3:45 am and the place was PACKED! There was a 25 minute wait for take out! Mr. Blog and I finally got to bed around 6 am. Hah.

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lauren said...

as usual, your social life makes my social life feel completely inadequate...and yet weirdly entertained in a vicarious way... (sigh) that WRONG??! (TOTALLY rockin' costumes btw! even without seeing said hat or ahem scottish extremity!) :)