Wednesday, October 22, 2008


or "Why I love Mr. Blog: Part 1 of many"
#1: Last night, on our sofa, with Mr. Blog:
This is fresh off yesterday's post about never finishing anything...

Me: I'm thinking about making a Halloween costume.
Mr. Blog: Why?
Me: To save money. I swear I'll finish this one...
Mr. Blog: What are you going to make?
Me: A detective outfit like the one we found online.
Mr. Blog: How much is it online?
Me: $20
Mr. Blog: Um...
Mr. Blog: [type, type, type] It's been ordered. Go finish your other projects so we can hang out.

#2: This morning, in my office with the Oriental Trading customer service rep.
I checked my order status and discover that our costumes will arrive on November 3rd, despite a guarantee (included below to prove I'm right) that it would arrive by Halloween...

Me: Hello, I ordered a costume from your website and my confirmation says it be here November 3rd.
Rep: Yes.
Me: Your company's e-mail said it was guaranteed to arrive by Halloween if I ordered by the 26th.
Rep: We never making shipping guarantees.
Me: [staring at the message from Oriental Trading] Do you have e-mail? I can forward you the message.
Rep: No.
Me: Well it says that if I order by the 26th, my costume will be here by Halloween.
Rep: Yes, if you chose express shipping. Would you like to upgrade for 4oo million dollars?
Me: No! [continues to rant about the various guarantees in the email]
Rep: So, do you want to upgrade shipping?
Me: NO!!!

#3: Later this morning, in my office via e-mail with Mr. Blog

Me: [whine, whine, whine] ... November... guarantee... meanies... [whine, whine]
Mr. Blog: I'll call them.

[5 minutes later]

Mr. Blog: The costumes will be here Monday.



Saucy said...

Mr. Blog to the rescue! I thought for sure you would end up making one, or spending 400 million dollars.

Shipping! (substitute "Newman" face from Seinfeld here).

Kristi said...

Don't you just love it when that "special" person comes to your rescue?!? It's THE BEST feeling in the world! Mr. Blog definitely sounds like a "keeper!"

Hope you're having a fabulous day!

:) Kristi

lauren said...

remind me *NEVER* to mess with mr. blog!!!!! :)

(ps: i cannot wait to see you dressed as a detective! many, MANY pix must be taken in said costume!!!)

Mr. Blog said...