Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Works in progress

A knitted flower, destined to be one of several on a branch inspired scarf. This is supposed to be a Christmas present, but I've hit a snag with this project because I can't decide how the branch scarf part should look. Also, I can't remember how I made this flower because I didn't write my stitch counts down. Oops.

DIY articles from Teen Vogue waiting to be part of a mini-book of inspiration.
I know I'm too old to subscribe to any magazines with the word "teen" in the title, but Teen Vogue warrants an exception (even if they did employ Lauren Conrad as an intern; seriously, why is that girl famous?!) - it's just as fashionable as big Vogue but offers more affordable options. And the DIY articles are fab. Designers I love - Alex Wang, Erin Featherston, the team from Marchesa - create simple DIY projects to enhance any wardrobe. I clip them every month and now I have almost three years of ideas cluttering up my desk. It needs to be in a book ASAP.

Sketches in preparation for a Hollywood themed centerpiece. Another Christmas project (for the holiday party I'm planning), but this one I'm actually making progress on. Samples have been ordered and I have more meetings next week. Yay!
I'm off to finish one of these projects, hopefully.
Or, I'll start on a Halloween costume... =P

1 comment:

lauren said...

omg, do you have START-A-NEW-PROJECT-ITIS, also?!?!!!! ...i have been a sufferer for many years... :)

(♥LOVING♥ that knitted flower!!! i think you could make others in the same colors w/different shapes & they will all look fabulous together--you know, like a garden! if you don't already have it i recommend nicky epstein's book "knitted embellishments" for a wide range of flowers and other pretties!)