Wednesday, November 5, 2008


One big step forward for America [photo]. I am proud.
One big step backward for California [photo]. I am ashamed.
I cried mixed tears.


Saucy said...

I was shocked by the California outcome. Also, in Arkansas they banned unmarried (same sex) couples from adopting! Think of all the children that need loving homes. *sigh*

lauren said...

i was UTTERLY shocked by the california thing. i mean *seriously*! let's assume i understand the "morality" objection (which I DON'T of course; but let's pretend, ok?) can somebody pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease explain to me how additional stable, monogamous couples, jointly owning real estate, and paying taxes, and generally putting down roots can EVER be anything but positive for a society??!?!!!

DUDE...sometimes straight people UTTERLY embarrass me... (sheesh!)