Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Remember back in the day when I went to the Emmys?
Yeah, that's all... I just wanted to throw it out there again.

No, I'm kidding; it's actually relevant! So remember when I blogged about it and had a challenge for my sweet readers to identify the celebrities I saw? And then I mailed out prizes? Well, all my packages have safely reached their destinations (one set lives with Saucy and Loopy now!), so I thought I'd post the project here.

I made monogrammed shoebags in this cute pink and green fabric that I'm obsessed with.
They are lined, scented and have seperate compartments for each shoe. They were a blast to make!I have some extra fabric, so I can wipe up a few more of these babies if anyone would like to buy one or just swap. Lemme know, we can work something out!


Kristi said...

Okay, so I'm not sure why...but I NEED one of your shoe bags! :) Your creation is just the most adorable (and practical) item I've seen in a long while.

I absolutely adore the pink and green harlequin's just so girly and too cute!

I'm somewhat crafty/handy at home, but I really don't have any handmade items (that I can think of) to offer you.

Would you consider selling a shoe bag to me?

Oh, and I love your blog and have been "lurking" through Saucy's site for a few weeks now.

:) Kristi

Kristi said...

Oh! Oh! I make jewelry...mostly items that I've seen and think, "I can totally make that!" So, if you are into wearing jewelry (bracelet, necklace, etc.) in a "simply-stated style" I would love to share one of my creations with you! :)

Just a pressure!

Tony Stark said...

I just found your blog, looks amazing! I was always pining for you to show your creative side, nice to see that side blossom!

lauren said...

...DUDE...if i went to the emmys i would not utter a single sentence that didn't begin, "you know, when i went to the emmys..." for AT LEAST a month...mebbe two...

(awesome shoe bags, btw; if i ever again buy anything that is not in the sneaker family, i shall contact you immediately!) :)

Yin said...

Oh thank you Kristi! You're too sweet! How can I get a hold of you?

Kristi said...

Oh, yay! :)

You may reach me at kristirogers1 (at) hotmail (dot) com...

Let me know what your style is...I would describe you as "simply elegant," but if I have that wrong, please let me know.

I work with mostly sterling silver and gemstone bead components...a very simple look, but I receive compliments on my creations quite often.

Like I mentioned, I mostly replicate items I've seen, yet can't/won't spend the money to purchase. For the most part, I'm usually able to recreate most of the items that I "swoon" over in the stores/craft bazaars.

Oh, and if you have a favorite stone or color that you prefer to wear...let me know!

:) Kristi