Monday, September 22, 2008

What I did this weekend...

Saturday 22:30: Pick up Emmy tickets at Katana from Mr. Blog's fabulous friend

Katana has delicious cocktails, beautiful food and boasts a healthy mix of models not eating and the men who love them. It just reminds me that I'm not built for Los Angeles.

But then again, I bought new jeans for the night, so maybe I am...

Sunday 8:00: Stir in bed when Mr. Blog gets up to do work

Sunday 10:30: Stir in bed when Mr. Blog kisses me good bye before he goes off to his radio show
I know, I'm with a radio star. And he's pretty enough for TV. *gush*

Sunday 12:00: Finally wake up and get ready.

Sunday 14:30: Leave for the Emmys

Sunday 14:45: Stop for fancy pre-Emmy lunch

As we were driving to the show we realized that we were both late and hungry, so we stopped at a fine dining establishment where I'm sure all the stars eat before a major award show.

On a separate note, those new grill chicken tortilla rolls are delicious and easy to eat in a moving car while wearing couture.

Sunday 15:00: Arrive on the red carpet!
Adrian Grenier said hi to Mr. Blog on our way in! *swoon*
Sunday 16:00: Arrive inside the Nokia Theatre...
Just in time for the bars to close.

Sunday 17:00: Showtime!
We didn't sit in the same zip code as the actual stage, so all my pictures are a little blurry, but if you can guess who these stars are, I'll send you a prize! (seriously, leave me a comment!)
Sunday 20:15: Dinner at e3rd Steakhouse
This is a picture of the Alba-cado; it's an "apple” of seaweed, seasoned fresh Albacore Tuna wrapped in avocado, lightly drizzled with house Oonagi Sauce. It was so beautiful. Dinner was also beautiful (and delicious) but I was too busy eating to take pictures.
Sunday 22:00: Drinks at the Biltmore

Sunday 23:45: Watch all the Emmy Red Carpet footage to see if we were on TV
Because let's be honest, being on TV is where the real bragging rights are =P

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, Mr. Blog!


Saucy said...

SO SO SO COOOL! You and Mr. Blog looked fabulous. I love the ivory choice. I only recognized Don Rickles and Kathy "D List" Griffin in your pics, wasn't her dress awesome?... but her hair was unfortunate.

I am glad you had an awesome time. That plate looked too good to eat but kudos to you for eating it up anyway! You're my kind of girl.

Oh and PS. I used to work in radio and we used to say things like "she has a face for radio" so you really lucked out with Mr. Blog let me tell you.

Arun said...

Top left: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler
Bottom left: Don Rickles and Kathy Griffin

No clue about the rest...

Rachel said...

#1. Um EXCUSE ME why didn't I know you had a blog?

What happened to our Blog of Fabulosity? er..hehe

#2. Bottom right was John Stewart and Stephen Colbert? Definitely recognized Kathy Griffen too but so did everyone else :)

#3. We're hanging out this weekend!

lauren said...

oooooooooooooh! holy moly. now *THAT* is a fabulous... (as in "absolutely fabulous"!) weekend!!! mind if i bask in your reflected glory for a minute?! (ta v much...that was cool!) :)

Vicki said...

top right is jennifer love hewitt and hayden! i remember cuz i loved their dresses... i love tina and amy too... :)