Tuesday, September 16, 2008

and I'm back...

So it's been about half a year since my last post, but I swear I've been busy since March! In the last six months I've graduated from here, spent two months here, took this during this, and went here for this (how much fun is that clicking... hmm?). As some documentation, here is me and Mr. Blog getting ready to cheer on team USA during the first day of women's gymnastics at National Indoor Stadium:
And here is me with Nastia Luikin at the airport! (note that I look horrendous after my 12 hour flight whereas she is still cute as can be)
=) Yay for summer!

Now, on to bigger and more important things, the real reason I'm back (aside from having much more time on my hands and missing this journal) is... CAARDVARKS! After ages of lurking on a number of creative blogs online, I'm finally taking the plunge and joining in the fun.

Caardvark's 32nd challenge is themed "Working for a living" and asked us to "create a new card using office supplies, a career theme, work-related elements, whatever speaks to you."

Here is my card which both uses office supplies and is themed to my career (just guess what it is...). I'm rather proud of it because everything single thing on this card came from my office. Seriously, EVERYTHING, including that scrap of patterned paper which is from my Scrapbook Page-a-Day calendar. The rest of it is a loving collage made of a file folder (which I cut down to 4"x6" and recreated the tab), a P-Touch label, legal pads, paper clips, envelops, and various print-out courtesy of the office copier (using clipart from here, here and Microsoft Word).

Note: My price of $178 is clearly a joke, as you will never find an attorney that cheap. =)



lauren said...

Q: how do i LOVE THIS?!
A: in every single way possible. WOW! it's awesome! it's hilarious! and it's verrrrrry very cool!

(ps: RATS! *I* was gonna make a joke about the $178.00, lol!!!) :)

Michelle said...

Love the card! I'm a lawyer too and was trying to think of a legal themed card and you totally nailed it!

SmilynStef said...

How absolutely fabulous ... I love that you used all sorts of great things from your office ... great card! I'm so glad you joined the Caardvarks fun.