Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween Decorating Part I

Okay, this was technically my second Halloween decorating project, but I forgot to take pictures of the first (Mr. Blog let me decorate his office), so that will be posted later (under Part II).

As I mentioned before, Mr. Blog and I hosted a little pre-party before the big law school Halloween celebration. Everything turned out just swell except, sadly, my attempt at making mini caramel apples turned into a big, creamy mess because the apple juices mixed with the caramel and prevented solidification. We ended up just dipping the apples in the resulting caramel sauce and then gorging on the other goodies.

All the party people!

Mr. Blog and his bunny!

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Moo-Cow said...

Yin - Mr. Blog here to let you know that there will be much picture taking of your office halloween craftiness!!