Monday, October 22, 2007

Crafting in theory

I spent the weekend in San Francisco with Mr. Blog and re-connected with several good friends from high school (although I did not connect with my camera and thus the pictureless entry).

The best part of the weekend was definitely the food. Thanks to Mr. Blog's mobile Zagat Guide and my good friend Katie, we feasted like kings at several places that I now HIGHLY recommend:
Hog Island Oyster Company (we went twice in one weekend)
Rambla's Tapas (try both the paellas)
Cav Wine Bar & Kitchen (EVERYTHING is good here!)

I also spent the weekend thinking about all the crafts I could make for the holidays, if I had the time. I'm going to attempt to clear out my schedule to prepare something fun for a little Halloween get together Mr. Blog and I are hosting on Thursday. I'm hoping to make theses. Oh and also make a costume... hrm...

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