Tuesday, July 28, 2009

for miss lauren...

Look what came in the mail! It's seems like a very large envelope from Boxcar Press!!! Let's open it!
I'll unwrap it carefully...
WHY IT'S MY LETTERPRESS PLATE FOR MY WEDDING INVITATIONS (which you lovingly designed for me)!!!
Here's a close-up! It's absolutely perfect, thank you so much! Now on to building the press...

[For my long neglected blog-o-sphere friends, hello! Unfortunately, the day after my last post I started one of those real grown up job which hardly affords me time to read blogs, much less write my own. However, in that period of time, I did become engaged to sweet Mr. Blog, who surprised me with a trip to Napa and proposed on the balcony of The French Laundry. Us newly engaged:
A blurry picture of the ring:
A much better picture of the ring - I love how the diamond floats in the setting: Now on to more lawyering and wedding planning! Cheers!]

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