Thursday, November 20, 2008

The power of paper

This is the first holiday season that I haven't been a student which means that instead of dealing with finals around this time of year, I have time to decorate! With this Christmas being the first anniversary of the first Christmas Mr. Blog & I spent together, I decided to go with a paper theme.

File folder + paper plate + cheap scratch paper
Add scissors + tapeEquals Wreath Prototype #1I feel... okay... about this project. I like the fullness and dimensions of the wreath and the mix of holly leaves & pine, but my brain is really hating the look of the scratch paper. Even though I know in the real version of this wreath I'll use a richer, dark green paper for the holly leaves, I'm visually distracted by the pastel so it's throwing off my judgment.

I think I may sit on this one for a while.


Mr. Blog said...

Hey...aren't those paper plates from my work? :-)

Kristi said...

Wow...What a creative girl you are...I'm impressed!

Happy Friday!

:) Kristi

PS - I'll write soon...I promise!

lauren said...

ok, not to be weird*...and i LOVE the later version that is above... (and agree that it is far more subtle, elegant and realistic) ...but...i think i maybe almost prefer this one. it's sooooooo DRAMATIC & cool...the dark with the light...i know, i know...i'm outvoted!

ps: if mr. blog's work calls, i will stoutly DENY those are stolen plates and *swear* solemnly that i was with in when they were purchased, at the bed bath & beyond where daniel craig shops!!!

*who the heck am i kidding??! i am lauren. my name is a synonym for weird in 17 languages!!!