Monday, October 6, 2008

Late to the party...

So, I'm totally ashamed to admit this, but I FINALLY got on board with this blogline business. Up until yesterday, I was still reading blogs one by one from my bookmarks!! I never knew if one was updated or not! Sometimes, I would skip a bookmark and miss something! Oy, I was running such an inefficient organization; my business professors would be mortified (you know, if they were aware of my problem and if they remotely cared). But that's all in the past; I have my bloglines! (And I even got one of those cute 'subscribe to me' buttons for this page! woot!)

In other news, I re-read the High/Low article from Elle (mentioned in this post) and guess who was one of the contributing writers? Joanna Goddard!! I was so excited because I have been following her blog (manually) for a long time and it's just cool that I'm seeing her work "in real life." Yay!

Now, as a fitting end to a post about being late, if I don't leave the house now I will be late to the No On Prop 8 headquarters where I'm volunteering for the day. If you're in California and believe in this cause, please please come out and help!

(Oh, while I'm on politics, this site is hilarious; I know that this is too late for the VP debate, but let's be honest, these boards are worthy of any occasion where Sarah Palin thinks it would be a good idea to open her month!)

Okay, leaving for real! Have a good week!


Saucy said...

I do the same thing... bookmarks. It's not very efficient. I tried bloglines once but I didn't like it. Maybe I was missin' something!

lauren said...

i am EVEN LATER to that party. in fact i'm not sure i was even *invited*...altho invitation just got lost in the mail...?

but weirdly enough, i kind of LIKE the innefficiency of "the bookmark method" since it means that every once in a while i hit on a favorite blog with a few entries i've missed and it's like finding $20 in the pocket of jeans you haven't worn in a really long time...CHA-CHING...*bonus* posts!!! :)