Friday, October 17, 2008

I make.

I made a card for this week's 2 Sketches 4 You challenge, based on Kazan's Sketch 11. I really like the different elements of this design - the borders and the circle and the little frill next to it! The placement is great too!

Here's my card with a sweet little piglet on it:
It's completely cardstock and construction paper. This card wasn't so much about supplies, but "technique" (that's in quotations because I didn't do anything complex or special). I stamped the hills with two different 4-leaf clovers and I think it's adorable (even though you can't really see it!). The pig, barn, fence, sun and white frame are all pieced together with individual pieces of cardstock that I cut (of my own design).
Here's a close up of the pig: she's 14 pieces of paper glued together - boy, I am so glad I have a circle cutter!
On an unrelated note, I also made this lasagna...and this caprese salad.Mr. Blog added a bottle of petite sirah and some tiramisu and we had a lovely little meal. Mm mm.

Thank you for looking!


Kazan Clark said...

Love the card - that piggy is simply darling and your food looks so delicious..mmmmm
Thanks for playing along with us this week Yin
:) Kazan

Eveline said...

Good thing I have already eaten or I would have invited myself over.
Great card. Love the pig.

Mr. Blog said...

The Lasagne WAS delicious - she even snuck in some veggies for me (and I am excited for leftovers tonight)! As for the little "piggu" - well, she reminds me of someone I know... :-)

Joanna Goddard said...

omg, that meal looks so yummy.

Dr Zibbs said...

MMM. That looks tasty.

lauren said...

oof you are TOO CLEVER i am loving said piggie!!!!!!!!!!!! (not to mention the meal, but i'm trying to ignore lucious foodstuffs at the moment!)