Friday, September 26, 2008

The good, the bad and some uglies

The good: My Beavers won! (picture of Jacquizz Rodgers from
The bad: My Trojans lost! (picture of Jacquizz Rodgers from
The uglies:
1) My order arrived (which was for all my pictures from 2007 in collage form) and it was completely wrong. The collages they mailed me included pictures in incorrect orientations (vertical ones were printed horizontally, etc) and they were not the specific layouts I ordered.

Boy, I got UGLY (don't worry, it was in the privacy of my own home and no one got hurt =P). I was so annoyed because it took me forever to create the 45 collages I ordered (Snapfish's software does not allow for specific placement of each photo in the collage so you have to select all the photos you want included and the system randomly generates a collage for you; if you're unhappy with the size/layout you must deselect all the photos and reselect them in a different order and click generate again... it's very time consuming when you have a specific layout in your head that you're trying to create).

I channeled my anger into an eloquent, slightly lengthy complaint to customer service detailing my specific problem with the order only to find out that the customer complaint form only takes 240 characters (my complaint was 3500+). My only choices on the form were to ask for a refund or a reprint; GRRR! I didn't want either! I wanted the collages I ordered, in the correct layout with the correct photo orientation! I grudgingly filled out the form, thanking goodness that I had this blog as a forum to complain on (sorry readers!)!!

Luckily, I called them today and talked to the nicest man in India who patiently listened to me rant on and on about how I carefully created each collage, and I was worried that if I had to re-order it would take forever and they might still mess up my order and blah blah blah. I found out that the Snapfish collage software had a bug in it. The nice man refunded my money, gave me free shipping and promised to e-mail me when the bug was fixed so that I could order my prints again. Yay.

2) I spent all day alone, in downtown LA waiting for the nice people at Audi to service Mr. Blog's car. Ugh-liness.

Luckily, the nice people at Audi drove me to the old alma mater where I went to visit the bookstore. They were having a huge sale: Free People tops (25% off), True Religion and 7 jeans (50% off), Ella Moss and C&C dresses (75% off). Oh it took all my strength not to buy anything (I just can't; my closet is ridiculous). By the way, if it seems weird to anyone that the local collage bookstore sells all these items, well... it kind of is... but then again, it's so characteristic of USC and I love it.

But I did invest in these:
Magnetic Poetry Stamp Kits!! They are brilliant! They're just like the Magnetic Poetry kits for your fridge, except that you stick these magnets to a base and they become stamps!! Each kit has over 80 words, a big metal base and a large inkpad! And the whole thing fits in a cute metal box. I am totally in love! I bought three sets (Date & Seasons, Holiday & Events and Vacation & Travel)!!
And they were half off! Hooray for the USC Bookstore.
I'm off to play with them while I watch the debate. Woot.

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Saucy said...

Nice stamp kits... cool idea. Sounds like a yucky day. I watched most of the debate too, and I'm not even American.

I haven't heard lots about Snapfish... that's why I do my collages at WalMart - real people to go all crazy on if they go bad but usually they don't.