Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Down to business

It's that time of year again to start planning for Britney #2's birthday party (to be held in February). It's not too early to start; this is our Oscar night (see last post) and much thought will be invested in our outfits (certainly more than I spent dressing for the Emmys).

Thus, I initate Phase I: Inspiration
The Pantsuit

The Mini Dress

The Mod Dress

The Roller Girl

The Hair

The Shoes

I'm hating the pants, loving the mini's, wanting fierce hair and needing glittery shoes.

Your thoughts?


Saucy said...

Mod dress. I say so.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the "ode"! I heart you and our parties! Even when they involve projectile, random waiters and no theme hehe...

I think I definitely want a short dress. I tried the pants/jumpsuit thing once...lets just say trying to avoid a cameltoe while dancing is not so fun. Plus I'll probably be wearing flats so I think that will look better...

I'm thinking that Sabre from SYTYCD had some kind of sparkly disco getup that would be good inspiration? I will definitely be wearing my afro.

Yay for the disco party!