Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Getting there...

So the regularly posting plan fell through, but there's nothing like a break from school to catch up on crafty goodness. I spent hours at JoAnn yesterday and am full loaded with supplies!

But first things first: I brought Mr. Blog home to meet the parents and we had a lovely weekend both in the country and the city. I was incredibly nervous about this trip but I think it went quite well!

We caught the "Legally Blonde" mantinee with my crafty twin (who just may start a blog of her own soon! Fingers-crossed!). I just love that movie and the Broadway adaptation was phenomenal. Whenever I feel that law school was the wrong choice for me, Legally Blonde always gives me more hope... is that sad?

In any case, Mr. Blog is flying home and Ms. Legally Blonde doesn't come visit until Friday, so, now that the excitement's died down, I can begin my serious sewing. Watch out world...

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Moo-Cow (AKA Mr. Blog) said...

I have to say that "look out world" is an understatement. I think I know Pigletto (Ms. Blog) pretty well, and she is definitely going places, in crafting and in law...maybe even both at the same time! She is Legally Brunette meets Martha, meets Rachel Ray - all on a budget that seems impossible. Having met Mom and Dad Blog, I can certainly see why.

Thank you for such a wonderful long weekend...it was just what I wanted!

All I can say to Ms. Blog is:
Neih Hou Leng